Monday, February 28, 2011

Cookie Collage

R made a cookie from collage materials during our recent Gingerbread Man unit.
You will need:
  • A cardboard or paper circle. I used a plate to trace the circle onto a cereal box.
  • Glue. We used a glue bottle and a glue spreader.
  • Small circles or sequins. I used a hole punch to make ours out of some scraps of cardboard.
  • Sugar.
Cover the circle with glue. We use a glue bottle. R is used to making spots with the glue now. We then used a glue spreader to cover the circle with glue. Sprinkle on the hole punchies.
 Lastly, sprinkle on the sugar.
The completed craft. The sugar was more noticeable once the glue had dried. 

Pom Pom Colour Matching

My son loves pom poms and requests them all the time. Today I decided to put these cute little containers in the muffin tray (for support or they topple over due to the lids) and have my son sort the pom poms into the correctly coloured container.
Once he had correctly sorted all the colours into the containers, he closed all the lids.
I though he was finished, but he decided to stack them all up.
Lastly, he opened all the containers and shook them until the pom poms were back in the bowl.
He spent so much more time at this activity that I had originally thought he would. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pasta Sensory Tub

I have seen quite a few sensory bins around the blogging world and thought I would give it a try. I made this one with a packet of penne pasta that was out of date and put it in a tub. We started the tub off with some items from the kitchen, including a tea strainer, silicone muffin cups, an egg cup, a spoon and a cake slice. After a few minutes, R added some plates from his kitchen.
He played with this on and off over the day, particularly if I would touch anything in the tub. As the day wore on and interest was dwindling, I removed all the kitchen items, except the spoon and added in some little containers with lids. He filled the containers, closed the lid and shook them. At one stage he was banging them together. 
Finally, I added a couple of pipecleaners. R threaded the pasta onto the pipecleaner after I showed him how to. These couple of changes kept the interest going for quite a while.
This was utilised a fair bit over the day, so I will be attempting a few more sensory tubs.