Friday, March 16, 2012

Drawing with Window Markers

I recently picked up some Crayola window markers on sale (40% off). I paid about $4 for the set...BARGAIN!! We tried them out on a mirror and a window, but they were really hard to photograph! They work really well, especially on the mirror. I encouraged R to draw his face in the mirror, discussing the parts of his face and how many eyes, noses etc.

We also tried them out on alfoil. This also worked will, and R really enjoyed the noise that the markers made on the foil. He draw really fast to make more noise.

Drawing on alfoil with window markers

We will be using these markers a lot more!

Letter Gg and Grey

Tot School
R is 35 months old.

We had a really fun week this week.

R made a giraffe from his footprint. He finger painted the dots onto the pieces when I cut them out. This idea came from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. This turned out unbelievably cute! R also snipped at the green paper on the bottom.
R did an easel painting with grey paint. To make grey paint we mixed a drop of black paint into the white paint.
grey easel painting
R also did some drawing with all our grey pencils, markers and crayons.
grey drawing
R collaged a goldfish with gold circles. I used a circle punch to make the circles and R simply stick them on the fish along with a googly eye. Sorry, but the picture is not very clear.
R worked on a water colour picture of a goat from a purchased book. He really enjoyed this!
goat water colours

Letters and Language
I cut out a letter G and R added some glue and glitter. Another bad picture, sorry.
g is for gold glittert
R sorted out the capital G’s and the lowercase g’s on the sorting mat from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
g sorting
He also loves the Gg tracing. Anything that involves markers is much loved!
g tracing
At his request, R also traced on the main letter page from Tot School Printables. He did really well at this activity.
g tracing 2
R stamped with Gg stamps on a goat, from Tot School Printables.
g stamping

Colours and Shapes
I sent R on a grey colour hut. This is what he found:
g colour find
R sorted out pom poms, placing all the grey pom poms into a bowl.
sorting grey pom poms
I cut some shapes from alfoil for R to explore. He was not really interested in this activity.

Fine Motor and Sensory Skills
R explored some golf balls, rolling then and feeling the dimples in them.

R did a few of the Tot School Printables. He did the lacing card.
g lacing
R played for quite a while, making sausages to cover the letter Gg and using the G cookie cutter.
g playdough
R easily did the 3 piece puzzle.
g puzzlee
R put some M&M’s on the Gg magnet page from Confessions of a Homeschooler. The M&M’s were a real motivator for this activity.
gumball magnet with mam
I made a simple sensory tub with green split peas, some measuring cups, spoons and a plastic muffin tray. R played with this for a long time.
green sensory box

More Tot School Printables. R did the goat ordering.
g ordering
R sorted some cutlery that I set out for him. He also explored some coins, before posting them into a money box.

I put some shaving cream and a blob of black paint into a zip-loc bag. R manipulated the bag until the shaving cream hat turned grey.
shaving cream black pain mix (1)
He then did finger painting with the grey shaving cream. We have done this many times and R never gets tired of it!!
grey shaving cream paint

Gross Motor Skills
We did the Gorilla Dance from an old CD from when I was working.

R got out his mini golf set and we hit the ball around the backyard.

I showed R how to gallop and we pretended to be galloping horses.

We made our own garlic bread with home made garlic butter and a French Stick. It was yummy!

Next Program: Hh and Heart.
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Felt Pizza

I made a felt pizza after being inspired by Serving Pink Lemonade.

Felt pizza

R loved this and played with it for days. One day when we were playing, I asked him to make me a specific pizza with ham and pineapple on it. This is what he made me:

felt pizza1

I then asked for capsicum, onion and olives.

felt pizza 2

Next was pepperoni, pineapple and mushrooms.

felt pizza 3

We had lots of fun making pizza. Next time, I think I will introduce numbers with this activity. I will ask for a pizza with 4 olives, 2 mushrooms and 1 piece of pineapple. He will be able to create and work on numbers and counting skills at the same time!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alphabet Match and Stick

I was sorting through some old scrapbooking materials to see what R could use for his activities when I came across a sheet of die cut letters. I came up with a matching activity where R has to find the letter and stick it onto a sheet with the letters of the alphabet written on it.

I encouraged him to lay out a few letters and match them to the sheet. 

He completed this with little assistance (I had to help with the a and the g, because the die cuts were quite different to the letters that I wrote). He amazed me again with his letter recognition skills. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mrs Wishy Washy

We borrowed Mrs Wishy Washy from the library this week. I had ordered it and had to wait for it to come in from another library. When we went to collect it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a "big book". We had loads of fun reading it, and the size of it was a bit of a novelty for R. The book inspired some of our activities this week.

I put out some dark brown playdough (for mud) and the animals from the book; a pig, a duck and a cow. R loved putting them into the playdough. We talked about the animals 'getting dirty' like in the story.

After playing with the animals in the playdough, I suggested to R that we give them a bath. He was all for this, because he absolutely loves water play. I set out a tub of water with bubbles in it. I also gave him a nail brush and a pig, cow and duck.

He scrubbed the animals clean with the nail brush.

We also did a craft for each of the animals in the book. R collaged splotches onto the cow.

He fingerpainted pink paint onto a pig.

Finally, he collaged feathers onto a duck after decorating it with a yellow Do-A-Dot marker.

We really had a lot of learning opportunities this week from one simple book. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

We have recently discovered this book, and we love it!! I was looking for a few activities when I came across these from Totally Tots. We have read the book several times a day for over a week now, and I wanted to find some ways to extend R's interest in the book.

Firstly, I gave R a laminated tree on a cookie tray with our magnetic letters. He added the letters. He explored the letters, placing random letters on the tree. Then I held the book open on different pages for R to find the letters that are on the page. We only have uppercase magnetic letters (the lower case letters are on the birthday wish list!).

The next day, I got out the play dough and cookie cutters to go with this activity. R made the letters, after rolling out the play dough and added the letters to his tree. R really enjoyed this activity and even M joined in, poking holes in the play dough letters (at least he wasn't eating it this time!!). R is a bit over play dough, so when I put it out; I have to include some props that will entice him.

R is beginning to recognise letters. He can now identify A, B, C, D, M, Q, R (of course), S and T.  He sings the alphabet song that goes with the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics set. He amazes me each and every day!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tactile Science

I found this great idea at Mrs Bainbridge’s Oasis and immediately printed it off for R. I set it up at his table and let him explore the materials.
We talked about the feeling of each item:
  • Cotton wool ball – soft
  • Sticky tape – sticky (before) and smooth (after)
  • Sandpaper – rough
  • Pasta – hard
  • Dried beans – bumpy
Once R had explored each item, I said the name on each finger and he stuck the item on the right finger. Simple, educational and hands-on. Love it!!