Monday, July 25, 2011

5 A Day Books - Winter

5 a day books

R has got such an amazing memory, and he surprised me this week when we were reading a book at bedtime. I was reading it when my husband came in. I stopped reading and R started "reading" the words almost perfectly. So, I started reading the next sentence, and stopped after a couple of words. R continued on. He can remember the words to about 3/4 of the book. He gets a bit fuzzy in the last few pages. Since this happened, we have pulled out a few of R's favourite books to 'read'.

These are the books we chose for our winter week. You can see the winter post here.

1. The Smallest Snowflake by Bernadette Watts.
2. Snow Bears by Martin Waddell. (This is such a cute story, R loves it!)
3. Fuzzy Bear by Dawn Bentley. (This is an interactive book about a bear who gets dressed to go outside and jump in puddles! It has pull tabs, a button, a zip and velcro parts - great for fine motor development too. Another favourite in our house.)
4. Seasons Of The Year by Jilly Attwood.
5. Seasons With Pooh by Nancy Parent. (This is a basic story with magnets that relate to each season.)

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