Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New beginnings

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been really busy over the past few weeks, and have not been getting much of our programs done. We have only just finished the winter program (been going for almost 3 weeks now!) and are almost done with the Gg and Grey program.

I have also been busy organising the start of my teaching degree. I have always wanted to do this, and feel that now is a good time to start. Not quite sure how it is all going to work yet, but we'll work it out. Time-wise, I am not sure if I am going to be able to fit it all in. I am so excited to get started, but at the same time, very daunted about the commitment to 4 years of study. My husband is more confident about my ability to do this that I am...but slowly he is convincing me! :)

R and I will still do our school stuff. I love sharing what R and I have been up too, and hope that I will have enough time to continue to share with anyone who is interested. Thanks for reading.

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