Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fruit Salad

I recently picked up this set of fruit counters cheaply, because it was not a full set. I got them out with our colour sorting bowls for R to sort with.

R was not really interested in sorting by colour, so I came up with a little game to keep R's interest. I said some fruits and R collected them in a bow, making fruit salad for me. This is blueberry, grape and apple salad.

And strawberry, banana and grape salad.

Lastly, we had banana and strawberry salad.

R was really interested in this, and we spent ages making different combinations. including everything!

As we start working more on numbers, I had an idea to ask for fruit salad with two grapes, three bananas and one blueberry. I was even thinking of making some little cards for R to work independently. 

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