Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Number Match

I have noticed that I set up a lot of language and alphabet activities for R, and not as many maths activities, so I have been trying to set up more maths and number based activities. This activity is similar to the Alphabet Stick and Match activity that R and I completed a while back.

I wrote the numbers 1-9 on a small whiteboard. Next to the whiteboard, I placed a bowl with magnetic numbers 1-9 in it. 

R matched the magnetic numbers to the numbers on the whiteboard. I named the numbers as R matched them. After he was done, he took the numbers off the board and put them back in the bowl. I got him to trace over the numbers on the whiteboard. This removed the numbers. R was delighted with this and continued until all the numbers were 'wiped' off.

This was a simple activity to set up and R enjoyed it.

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