Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pom Pom Sensory Tub

R loves pom poms and regularly asks for them. I decided to put together a tub for him to explore and use for a week. He loved it and played with it so much.

The contents of the tub are:
  • large pom poms
  • a set of measuring cups
  • some tweezers
  • a spoon
  • a set of small tongs
  • a tall container with screw-on lid
R spent a long time filling up the tall container, screwing on the lid, opening it and shaking all the pom poms out. He used the measuring cups to scoop the pom poms. I gave him a bowl to put them into. He then scooped them into the bowl using the cups and then poured them back in the tub using the bowl.

He then started using them with his small plastic cars.

All in all, a very popular activity, which I will be repeating.

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