Monday, June 20, 2011

Letter Dd and Yellow

Tot School
R is 26 months old.

This week we explored the letter Dd and the colour yellow.

R did a yellow collage with yellow items from our collage box.
R also did a drawing with yellow pencils, crayons and oil pastels.
We made a Duck Pond, inspired by Katies Nesting Spot. R painted his hands and pressed them onto the paper to make the ducks. He then fingerpainted with blue paint to make the water. Them, with the scissors he snipped at green paper to make the reeds, although it is hard to see the detail of this in the photo. 

I took out a dice for R to roll. (It happened to be yellow, so it fitted into our theme very nicely!) We counted the spots on the dice each time R rolled it, but he lost interest in this very quickly. 

Fine Motor and Sensory
I set out an activity for R to sort yellow paperclips from the rest of the colour and then slide them onto a piece of yellow card. He sorted them but really struggled to put them onto the yellow card. We will have to have some practice at this.
I had planned to do some digging for yellow dinosaurs in the sandpit, but we had a week of very wet weather here, so we took the dinosaurs into the bath instead. We also talked about how the ducks float in the bath and the dinosaurs sink. R counted the ducks in the bath, too.

Whilst tiding out the pantry a few weeks ago, I found some polenta that was out of date, and thought it would be perfect for a yellow sensory this week we had polenta to play with.  I also added in a funnel, some scoops and some equipment from our pretend play kitchen box. R loved it. He spent so much time playing with this, in particular he would fill the funnel and watch it empty out. Surprisingly, he made very little mess with this tub.
We had yellow playdough this week. I put all our yellow cookie cutters in a bowl, as well as the items that start with Dd (like dog, duck, dolphin). We also used the main letter page from Dd Tot School Printables as a playdough mat.
We did the Lacing Card and Letter Puzzle from Tot School Printables.

R completed the Dd Magnet Page from Confessions Of A Homeschooler's Letter Of The Week Program. R sometimes is really into this, and other times he is not interested. We also did the Dd tracing for the first time. R really surprised me with how well he did at this, and I forgot to take a picture.

Music and Movement/Gross Motor
We sang "5 Little Ducks." He pretended to be a duck, then a dinosaur and a dragon.

For a rare moment this week we managed to get for a short play, and threw a ball for our dog.

I put on a CD I have with some music from the seventies, and we did some disco dancing! R is really into dancing at the moment, so he had a blast.

I found a recipe for baked donuts, but didn't have a donut tray, so we baked them in mini muffin trays. They were tasty.

Colours and Shapes
I got out our lego bucket and got R to sort all the yellow blocks into a bowl. They went on our shelves this week. R stacked them all up several times, before breaking it down to start again.
We went on a yellow hunt, but R went straight to the paint cupboard and got out the yellow Do-A-Dot Markers and wanted to paint, so the yellow hunt was abandoned! I intended to do it again later in the week, but we never got to it.

I took out our small coloured dinosaurs and sorting bowls for some colour sorting. R immediately sorted the dinosaurs into the correct coloured bowls, before beginning to play with them. This week, they went for a ride in his plastic train!

Language and Letters
The books we read this week are here.

We did some yellow letter stamping on a duck, printed from Tot School Printables.
I drew a Dd on paper and get R to stamp on the letters with his yellow Do-A-Dot Marker, He did this for a few seconds, and then did not want to do any more.
Our D is for Door alphabet craft this week was seen on Learning Development Activities. R painted yellow dots onto a lowercase d with a cotton tip. I then cut open the inside of the d and R stuck a yellow dinosaur sticker into the centre.

Next Program: Outer Space. Looking forward to this, especially the sensory box I have planned!

Thanks for reading.

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