Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recycled Sensory Tub

I have been collecting milk bottle tops for a while now. We have quite a few and wanted to use them, so I turned them into our latest sensory tub.

The contents of the box are:
  • Milk bottle tops in various colours
  • Parts of a broken skipping rope (the short and long fluro tubes)
  • Toilet rolls and paper towel rolls
  • Empty plastic bottles
  • A red sheet of plastic
  • A small box
  • A small plastic container
  • A few plastic lids that have no containers
R put the milk bottle tops down the paper towel roll. He also filled the plastic bottle with the small plastic tubes and dumped them out again. He also spent a lot of time screwing the lid onto the bottle and taking it off again.

I was quite surprised how much R enjoyed this tub and how long he spent playing with it.

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