Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outer Space Sensory Tub

I was so excited about this tub, because for the first time, I was adding a variety of materials into it. I made it as R watched on. He was keen to get in and play with it. R did enjoy the tub, but didn't spend anywhere near as long playing with the tub as I had expected that he would. He took the marbles out of it to roll them along the table and put them in the back of his trucks!

R usually loves sensory tubs, but I usually only add one type of medium (such as wheat, rice, beans, pasta etc) and a few other additions (such as cups, spoons, bottles, containers etc). I think this tub may have been too busy for R.

The contents of the tub are:
  • Moon buggy, 2 astronauts and an alien in a moon crater
  • Smooth garden rocks
  • Marbles in assorted sizes
  • Flat-bottomed glass pebbles
  • Black pom-poms
  • Star buttons
  • Star and circle counters
  • Shells from a aquarium set
  • Plastic rockets pencil-toppers

We used the rockets for a few other activities throughout our space week. See the full post here.

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